Latam MicroPack won 4 new POPAI Awards in San Pablo

The night before last, the Brazilian subsidiary of Micropack achieved an excellent performance in Brazil POPAI Awards, receiving a silver for its "Fini World - Children's Day" and three statuettes for his displays for Nivea, Kero Coco and Smirnoff Storm
The latter two were also semi-permanent pieces of plastic and cardboard modular system developed under this POP company marketed under the brand ModuShelf.
All these cases were awarded assembled in Brazil, but conceived and designed here at headquarters, which is the driving force behind the development of the entire operation in the region.

only 9 months (change of venue for 2016 anticipated the rewards schedule in the neighboring country) Micropack Brazil had already obtained 4 other POPAI "Indians", including a silver, also by a secondary display to BTS Fini (see). Also at that time he was awarded the first piece with ModuShelf system installed in Brazil.

The POPAI Awards this year, Brazil had a much more exciting than the scenario of last year. After several years, POPAI re-elected as the site of its annual report to fabulous BrazilPromotion event, an exhibition that attracts more than 12,000 visitors a year, and in which he also held a series of lectures SIM Retail Price, organized by

The awards obtained in recent years in Argentina, United States and Brazil to MICROPACK located between companies specializing in POP most awarded in the region, and the only one to have been awarded in all the continent POPAI chapters.

In the main photo, Juan Baumgarten, commercial director of Micropack Latam, and Victor Augusto, commercial manager of Micropack Brazil, along with the trade marketing team Fini at the ceremony. At the foot, a snapshot of the time of delivery silver award.

The four cases granted in Brazil in 2016

Mega Mundo Fini - Dia das crianças (Plata)
Display ModuShelf® Kero Coco (Bronce)
Display ModuShelf® Smirnoff Storm (Bronce)
Rack Nivea (Bronce)